Thursday, 28 October 2010

I like to go back to basics and remind myself that illustrators can do 'proper' drawing. 16x28 cm Pencil

Thursday, 21 October 2010

This is the new work i have been working on. It is a map inspired narrative about an Alien abduction at a drive in cinema. It is a work in progress and i will be working further on the image and perhaps the series...

I just wanted to show what i had been up to!

I quite like the idea of doing some fun maps for theme parks, shopping centre, water parks etc.

Hello! sorry its been a while! too long! I have been busy though. In my absence i have been making some work for my new swanky (free) D&AD portfolio. Also the 'Images 34' book i mentioned in the past came out! Cover is shown above. Also i featured on a digital directory called 'E creative' sponsored by V&A amongst other people, for London Fashion week. Much to my surprise on the launch night i found out i was the award winner in the illustration category! certificate shown above! Kindly selected by the head of graphics, selfridges.