Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hello! Sorry to have been so appallingly slack on here, people keep asking where my blog updates are! Well as per usual im afraid you may have to wait until a mass update of my works sometime in early January. I am doing lots of work for a Bristol based show so am keeping the work to myself until then.

On other news i shall be published in another internationall seller! Probably be out in late Spring, called 'Illustration portraits'. Keep your eyes peeled.

I have also started selling more of my prints so if you are interested in any of the images seen on my blog or any other website i feature on please email me at aidanmeighan@hotmail.co.uk.

Thankyou and Happy Christmas/ New year

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Been a while i know. I have been busy though! I recently did a show with a group of wicked artists in Bristol. Photos will be going up soon.

Perhaps more exciting though is the '75 Peters' show i will be exhibiting in at the end of the month. The show is in celebration of Sir Peter Cooks (famous architect) birthday. London modern art and Brisbane modern art have chosen 75 artists to produce a portrait of him. The snazzy invite attached tells you more.

Also attached is my portrait that will be exhibited. This portrait and all the other artists portraits will be available in auction from 'the adam and eve projects'. I am currently doing the artwork for the website!

Finally to all Bristol dwellers i am also currently showing my work at 'no 1 Harbourside' in Bristol city centre. Go have a pint and check it out.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A piece i did for the mention collaborative below, will be featuring as the background on the website soon. Also there will be a show reel revealing a step to step review of the piece being made. We will be getting a new artist to do this each month but i am the first.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I have joined this nice collaboration of artists. Will hopefully be doing some work for them soon as well. Check out my profile on the link. Also check out the other artists. Check out their work on the site and then check out their individual websites. Hours of entertainment.

Friday, 22 April 2011

a VERY quickly made flyer for a night this Friday (come along)

It has been a while! I was not going to post any of the work for the show i am organizing. However i seem to be encountering alot of delays and have been growing concerned about the lack of activity on my blog! SO without further ado i offer you a sneak preview of what i have been working on (not all but some!)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

HELLO! Sorry about the quietness of my blog at the moment. However i assure you i am still illustrating. Fellow friend and animator Jim Wheeler and I are organising a show with a further 4 artists (Ella Dore, Tom Gran, Harry Sankey and Dan Binns) The show will be up from early April in Start the Bus top deck! Keep your eyes and ears peeled! There will be a fundraiser before hand.