Saturday, 15 October 2011

Been a while i know. I have been busy though! I recently did a show with a group of wicked artists in Bristol. Photos will be going up soon.

Perhaps more exciting though is the '75 Peters' show i will be exhibiting in at the end of the month. The show is in celebration of Sir Peter Cooks (famous architect) birthday. London modern art and Brisbane modern art have chosen 75 artists to produce a portrait of him. The snazzy invite attached tells you more.

Also attached is my portrait that will be exhibited. This portrait and all the other artists portraits will be available in auction from 'the adam and eve projects'. I am currently doing the artwork for the website!

Finally to all Bristol dwellers i am also currently showing my work at 'no 1 Harbourside' in Bristol city centre. Go have a pint and check it out.